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PROFACTOR GmbH (Austria) PROFACTOR GmbH (Austria) is an Austrian research company on developing new methods for integrated production technologies. It has an annual turnover of about 7 Mio €. PROFACTOR GmbH is the executive organisation of the VPTÖ, a non-profit association supported by leading companies (BMW, Siemens, MAN, MIBA etc.). Approx. 400 companies are partnering with PROFACTOR. About 80 scientists of various disciplines conduct research to improve the competitiveness of the production industry and to strengthen mainly the Austrian industrial region. PROFACTOR GmbH is a leading member in several European Initiatives, e.g. the European Technology Platform MINAM (Micro and Nano Manufacturing) and involved in the ETP Manufuture and Member of the EFFRA Association.
IT+Robotics srl (Italy) IT+Robotics srl (Italy) is a spin-off company of the University of Padua. It was created in 2005 by professors working in the field of robotics and young, brilliant people coming from the Information Engineering Department of the University of Padua. The mission is the technology transfer from University to industries. Innovation, boosted by cutting edge technology from academia, is the right path towards business growth. In particular our key expertise is in the fields of: artificial vision systems, real-time operating systems, software agents management, and robot simulation.
ESI Group (ESI) (France) ESI Group (ESI) (France) is a world leading provider of digital simulation prototypes and manufacturing processes that take into account the physics of materials. Pioneer of virtual crash test simulation with PAMCRASH and virtual stamping with PAMSTAMP, ESI Group invented the Virtual Try-Out Space. ESI Group products allow engineers to explore design and process alternatives without building physical prototypes. ESI Group employs more than 800 high-level specialists worldwide. Headquartered in Paris (France), the company and its global network of agents provide sales and technical support to customers in more than 30 countries. There are European subsidiaries in France, Germany, Spain, Czech republic, UK, Switzerland. The fiscal year 2007/2008 turnover was about 100 M$.
Benteler SGL Composite Technology GmbH (BSCT) (Austria) Benteler SGL Composite Technology GmbH (BSCT) (Austria) emerged in march 2009 out of Fischer Composite Technology by the Joint Venture “Benteler-SGL“. BSCT is located in Upper-Austria near to the German border. BSCT’s key business idea is mass customization of composite technology. Based on the optimization of the Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)-technique and the innovative application of composites as lightweight and cost-efficient components, BSCT provides structural components, body parts, design elements and other parts mainly for the automotive industry.
ADVANCE COMPOSITE FIBERS S.L (Spain) ADVANCE COMPOSITE FIBERS S.L (Spain) ACF is a high-tech SME company founded in 2008 and located in Madrid (Spain). The company is formed by a multidisciplinary team of ten experts who gather more than 8 years of experience in the area of composite materials. The primary line of businessis the incorporation of the most innovative materials into several sectors, looking for its technical and economic optimization. The company was founded with the intention of designing and improvingcomposite materials properties and uses, whether or not combined with traditional materials. ACF optimizes the use of materials, including polymer matrices and the respective reinforcing fibres (different fibre configurations), generating not only technical but also cost-effective solutions.
University of Padova, Department of Information Engineering (UNIPD) (Italy) University of Padova, Department of Information Engineering (UNIPD) (Italy) is a leading centre for education, research and technological development in the area of robotics, computer science, instrumentation and measurement, electronics, quantum physics, automatic control, photonics, telecommunications, operation research and bioengineering.
INSA de Lyon (France) INSA de Lyon (France) is both an engineering school and reference centre for research, 5,400 students in 2010 (30% of foreign students), 640 PhD students, 620 members of staff LaMCoS Laboratory, UMR 5259 CNRS INSA de Lyon is in the area of Contact and Solid Mechanics (160 staff). The composite group organises symposia in international conferences (European ESAFORM, ECCM 2012 , Euromech 2008 and 2012, ICCM17 (2009) et ICCM18 (2011)) and national symposia. The composite group makes research in the field of analysis and simulation of composite forming. It is a partner of several French projects and European projects (ITOOL). It collaborates with several French and international companies SNECMA, SNECMA SPS, Eurocopter, EADS IW, Rhodia.